What water temperature is perfect for washing laundry?

What water temperature is perfect for washing laundry?

What water temperature is perfect for your laundry? The answer to this question depends on an array of factors. It can be 30, 40, 50 or even 90 degrees Celsius. However, it is a very important issue as the temperature of the water can potentially ruin your laundry.

And why is water temperature so important when washing clothes?

On one hand, warm and hot water are fantastic for exterminating germs and bacteria, but are bad for some fabrics that garment are made of. On the other hand, thought you water bills will be lower and your laundry will last longer, using only cold water probably won’t leave your clothes as clean as when they are washing using the hot water too.


When to use hot water for washing laundry?


First of all, when we talk about washing laundry, anything above 54 degrees Celsius is considered hot water. Yes, it can damage fabric, but that doesn’t mean you should never use it. In fact, some clothes should be washed in hot water.

This is especially true for e.g. underwear. Hot water disinfects and deodorizes garments, and has a strong cleaning effect, especially combined with the use of fabric softeners and detergents.  But, even in this case, hot water should only be used on very dirty laundry.

Have in mind that hot water can shrink certain clothes such as the ones made of wool and cotton.


When to use warm water?


Warm water (32-43 Celsius) has quite a punch when it comes to cleaning power and it treats fabrics softly. That means it’s perfect for washing cotton and linen garment provided that they are not too dirty.

Warm water can cause clothes to shrink, however, this will happen gradually over the long period of washing.


Washing with cold water


Cold water (15-27 degrees Celsius) is safe to use on all kind of fabrics but has much less cleaning power. For that reason, it should be used for items that don’t need intense cleaning.

Bright colored and dark clothes, bras and bathing suits are the garments you want to wash with cold water if you want them not to lose their elasticity and color.

Not sure what to do?

General rule of thumb is to check the label of your items and follow the suggestions. This way you can be sure that your clothes will retain its shape, color and condition for as long as possible.


One more thing


Washing colored clothes can cause it to bleed color. This dye, then, ends up in water polluting the environment.

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