Top innovative laundry products

Top innovative laundry products

Doing laundry is not a job most people would call fun. We all just want to be done with it and then do something more fun and inspiring.

Nowadays washing machine do most of the heavy lifting, but, still, there is a plenty of work left for us. And this is where innovation kicks in for our benefit. There is a whole array of laundry products on the market made to make things easier and better for you.


Dryer balls made of wool


Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly substitute for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. With them, there is no chemicals evolved in making your clothes soft and the whole process is environment friendly.

How do they work? It’s simple. They absorb the moisture from wet garments and eliminate static precisely because they are made of wool. Also, since they are fragrance free, wool dryer balls are great for everyone with respiratory problems.


Dr. Knight color catcher


Dye that color clothes release while being washed is very dangerous for the environment. Not to mention your garment (specially the white ones) will be ruined.

But now there is a way to put an end to all of this – Dr. Knight color catcher. This innovative eco-friendly product lets you wash your laundry without first sorting it and grasps that loose dye preventing it from polluting water.

This color catcher is easy to use (just put it in the washing machine along with your clothes), and a great way to preserve your clothes and protect environment in a single blow.


Laundry bags


Want to prolong the life of your garment? Laundry bags are the way to go. They put a protective layer around your laundry and protect them from all the damage caused by the washing process.

Bonus with this product is that it enables you to group items together and make stretching laundry a bit easier task.

There is a variety of laundry bags you can pick up – ones with zippers, buttons, clips, and they come in all different sizes.


Eco-friendly detergents


Currently there is no completely “green” laundry detergent. This is because processing and harvesting of raw materials from plants needed to make one, have significant carbon footprint. (Sure, there is a couple of all-natural detergents, but they don’t clean garments with as much success.)

Nevertheless, scientist are working on developing one. At this point we have an array of eco-friendly detergents just as powerful as commercial ones, but more favorable towards the environment.