Textile industry and pollution

Textile industry and pollution

The textile industry is a fast one and its focus is on delivering new collections frequently and at low costs. But on a flip side, this comes with a heavy impact on the environment.

The use of toxic chemicals, water pollution, increasing levels of textile waste are the challenges we face today and a price we pay. That is why finding a solution for a healthy environment is of utmost importance.


Why is the textile industry among the largest polluters?

The textile industry fulfills one of the basic requirements of the human race – the need for clothing. So it’s no wonder that this is one of the largest industries worldwide. It is worth $480 billion at present and is expected to reach $700 billion.

At the same time, we grow an insatiable demand for clothing and became very articulate about the way we dress and what message do we send to others with our apparel.

And what are the consequences of clothing hyper-production?

– about 5% of the continent’s total surface area is under textile waste.

– 20% of water pollution is caused by textile treatment and textile dyeing. For producing 1 kg of fabric 200 liters of water are used.

– cotton farms consume nearly 10% of agricultural chemicals and 25% of pesticides…

All in all, the textile industry continues to pollute the environment without any indication that it will slow down any time soon. On the contrary.

How to protect the environment?

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

This quotation is just on point and a reason that obligates us to do everything in our power to protect the world from pollution.

When we talk about the textile industry there are several ways already in effect. Recycling of fabrics, pollution control measures, upcycling, responsible disposal… But this is not enough.

Dr. Knightteam tackled the problem of textile industry pollution innovatively and proactively. We have a crated color catcher dispenser with hydrogel balls made from renewable resources and waste from the seafood industry.

Its ability to absorb the colors that the wardrobe emits while washing, which pollutes the environment, makes it a revolutionary solution for a healthier world and an opportunity to leave a healthier world for our children.

Moreover, Dr. Knight is an affordable color catcher product which is intended for both industrial and household use.