Must-have laundry products of 2019

Must-have laundry products of 2019

How many of us like doing load after load of laundry? C’mon, raise your hands! Nobody? We figured. Doing laundry spoils all the fun, and we all just want to do it fast and be done with it. So, how can you speed up the process? Well, all you need is just a few supplies.


Stain remover


Here we have two options: stain removal tools and stain removal products.

These tools are not expensive, but are very useful when dealing with stains. This is why you should always have:

– soft-bristled brush to work removers into stains

– white cotton cloth to blot stains

– dull knife to help you scrape stains before washing.

Speaking of products, you can go store bought or homemade (such as dish detergent, white vinegar or 2% hydrogen peroxide).


Anti-static spray


Statics makes laundry washing tougher than it needs to be. Static electricity is produced by friction of the clothes and when you put on “charged” clothes it crackles, stick to your body and gets frizzy.

Anti-static sprays help you get rid of all these problems in a simple and easy way. Just spray it on and it’s done.


Baking soda


Baking soda has some magical powers. Rube it into the stains caused by wine, coffee or pets, and it will help you remove them from your garments.

Simply cover the stain with it, then use a soft brush and damp cloth to rub it in. Leave it in for a couple of minutes, and keep rubbing gently while washing it out.




You are probably thinking hey, this is nice and all, but I need a detergent to wash my clothes. And, you are right. However, be careful when choosing your detergent since there are several categories of them.

When buying one keep in mind what fabric you need to clean, what type of stains you want to remove, and what kind of washing machine do you have.


Color catcher


With Dr. Knight color catcher, washing laundry will never be the same.

First of all, you can save time due to not having to sort your laundry. It’s designed to stop all dye molecules that bleed from your clothes so there is no possibility of white garment getting stains from other colored clothes.

Even more important thing is that Dr. Knight color catcher is eco-friendly product that keeps environment safe from laundry washing pollution.

This color catcher is easy to use, affordable and it can be used up to 3 times on a single charge.