How to use fabric softeners in environmentally friendly way

How to use fabric softeners in environmentally friendly way

There is no person who is immune to the wonderful feeling provided by fabric softeners. Clothes that smell wonderful, have no static electricity and softly touches our skin are the main reasons why we use fabric softeners.

However, the use of fabric softener has a negative impact on environment since they can contain petroleum or palm oil derived ingredients or ingredients that don’t easily biodegrade and can be toxic to aquatic organisms.


But it doesn’t have to be like that.


First, you need to know that fabric softeners became very popular in the mid-1900’s. Reason was the fact that, because the dyes, detergents, and dryers of that time were not very gentle on clothes making them stiff and scratchy.

Nowadays we have much better technology and fabric softeners are no longer that necessary. Still, we use them without giving much thought about it.

So far fabric softeners usually come in two shapes – liquid for washing machines, and coated sheets for dryer. But now there is a third option that will outperform all your expectations.


Your new ally Dr. Knight


Eco-friendly, easy to use, reusable, reliable and efficient. Dr. Knight is multifunctional and innovative product on the market that can combine roles of colour catcher and laundry aids thus replacing conventional products.

Dr. Knight contains new hydrogel balls that bring revolution in dye catching and environment preserving game. In a process of washing clothes Dr. Knight absorbs all loose colours and is able to apply fabric softener simultaneously preventing any undesirable results of laundry washing.

Dr. Knight is eco-friendly product made from renewable resources and waste from seafood industry. On top of it all it is affordable product that works in just 20 minutes even in cold water and doesn’t need any special maintenance.