Hard water and how it effects your laundry

Hard water and how it effects your laundry

Did you know that type of water you have in your home can heavily affect how well your laundry is washed? For instance, hard water, the one containing minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese, can be a main reason why you have cleaning problems with your clothes.


How does it manifest


Fact is detergent just don’t work that god in hard water because all minerals it contains. Those minerals prevents mixing water and detergent so that no suitable laundry cleaning solution is created. Because of that soap scum is left behind to stick on your laundry.

Even more, not only you don’t get clean clothes after washing but dirt will stick to it even easier when you wear it.

Also hard water can leave yellow or bronze like stains on your laundry, make it stiff and cause irritation on your skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin or problems with eczema.

If you use more detergent than normal and hotter water you will soften the water but that will not resolve the problem. Reason is – the more detergent you use, the more soap scum and residue will be created and all negative effects will persist. Plus, more detergent leads to spending more money and causing more water pollution.


How to make water softer and be eco-friendly?


There is one product that enables you to do both things efficiently and at affordable price. It’s called Dr. Knight– new and innovative colour catcher that can combine and contain laundry aids, such as water softener, thus replacing any need for other conventional products.

Dr. Knight is eco-friendly product made from renewable resources and waste from seafood industry. On top of it all it is affordable product that works in just 20 minutes even in cold water and doesn’t need any special maintenance.

So in one move you can resolve problem with hard water and be eco-friendly – saving a planet one laundry washing cycle at a time.