Eco-friendly products and why you should use them

Eco-friendly products and why you should use them

Pollution has become a major problem in the modern civilization, and that is not a secret. There is a growing need for eco-friendlier products or, more popularly called, green products.

Creating and using products that don’t harm the environment has an array of benefits in a short time, as well as in the long run. In fact, research conducted by the University of Worcester in the United Kingdom suggests that shift to environmentally aware processes in industrial practices is potentially – “As significant as the Industrial Evolution”.


What are eco-friendly products then?


Eco-friendly products are made from bio-degradable materials, and they do not produce harmful substances in the process of their production, use or disposal. Their primary characteristic is that they do not harm the environment.

Thus, green products contribute to keeping our environment clean and healthy for us and our successors.

There are several types of eco-friendly products.

Some of them help conserve energy or minimize the emission of polluting gases and toxic substances.

Others can be recycled, are biodegradable or compostable so they don’t have a negative influence on ecological balance.

And there are eco-friendly products made out of recycled materials minifying the need for new raw materials. Also, products like these can be recycled again.


Why use eco-friendly products?


There is a whole array of benefits if you go green:

– Lowering your everyday costs.

Eco-friendly products may appear more expensive but in the long run they are more cost-efficient.

– Leading healthier lives.

Green products ensure you and your family are safe from toxic substances and their negative effects on health.

– Help creating a sustainable world.

Green products mean renewable energy, recycling and energy savings.

– Achieving a better quality of life.

A healthier living environment means a better quality of life for all people on the planet. Both today and tomorrow.

– Helping the development of new technologies.

These eco-friendly products are cutting edge and their production requires innovation and brainpower.


What we do to be eco-friendly


Everyone is obligated to do what they can to save the environment and create a better world. This is what Dr. Knight team strongly believes.

“Make it clean while being green” – this was our guiding line while developing Dr. Knight laundry color catcher. This is why we are able to offer you a color catcher that is:

– Created from renewable resources and waste from the seafood industry.

– Reusable up to 3 times on a single charge

– Reliable – Dr. Knight color catcher is efficient on all washing temperatures and saves money.

– Affordable for every household.

– Easy to use.

All of this makes Dr. Knight a color catcher invented with love to the environment.