Eco-friendly gadgets that will help you save the Earth

Eco-friendly gadgets that will help you save the Earth

Consistently utilizing eco-friendly products is an extraordinary method to decrease global pollution. Having access to this type of products can be both the tool and the key to salvation of the Earth.

Indeed, even small gestures can add up and have a strong positive impact on the environment. This is something that can be achieved by making small changes in our daily practices. With new technologies it is really easy to incorporate various eco-friendly gadgets in our routine, and do so much with practically no effort.

Here are some of the eco gadgets you can start implementing today.


Treated steel straws


Steel straws are getting more and more popular, and adopted by many households and bars. In 2018, Starbucks announced it would boycott plastic straws by 2020. Simultaneously, a growing number of celebrities is promoting the “Ban plastic straws” movement. Disposable plastic straws will soon be history. The time to jump on the steel straw bandwagon is now!


Smart thermostat


This eco-friendly device helps you keep the preferred temperature in your home, as well as save energy consumption. Smart thermostat enables you to control the temperature in your home right from your smartphone. It uses GPS location and can trigger the heating, so when you are, for example, on your way to home you can turn it on, and arrive to a warm and comfy house or apartment. This would enable you to lower your electricity bill and save the environment at the same time.


Silicone sandwich bags


Packing sandwiches to bring with you to work, or for your kids to take to school every day, implies using a large number of disposable sandwich bags on a monthly basis. If you are eco conscious, you know that is a big no no.

Instead, now you can use eco-friendly silicone sandwich bags. They can withstand microwaves and coolers and in order to clean them, you just need to drop them in the dishwasher.


Solar water heater


Heating water by using conventional energy gained from thermal power plants means a lot of harmful gases were emitted just so we can take a bath. Not very cool is it?

But there is a better way – solar water heaters. Clean energy that saves money and environment. A pretty cool reason to feel good every day.


Eco-friendly color catcher


Washing colored clothes was never easier and cleaner. Dr. Knight color catcher is innovative product created from renewable resources and waste from seafood industry.

It works at all washing temperatures, enables you to wash your clothes with no sorting needed (yes this means white and red laundry can be washed together with no risk of color bleeding), and prevents all dyes or colorants from polluting the water.