Color catchers, what they do and why you should use them

Color catchers, what they do and why you should use them

Let’s say you have two sweet little kids. That means whole bunch of different colors clothes to wash every week. It’s not much different if you have teenagers. Family means laundry, and that is the truth. Luckily, this is where color catchers come rushing in to help.

In this text we will talk about color catchers, what they do and why everyone should use them.


Sorting out laundry


Have you ever just pulled out your clothes from dirty laundry basket and thrown it in the washing machine all together? You set the program, pressed the button and in the end… “Surprise!”

Everything was a mishmash of colors.

White clothes probably became pink, blue got a shade of purple… And your perfect dressing combination – well, it belongs to the past now.



Well, when you wash color clothes, some of the dye bleeds out and gets dissolved in the water. So now you have color molecules floating around in search of something to stick on. When they get to your white shirt these molecules grab on, adding thin “film” of color to it. Your shirt is ruined and the rest of free color molecules that didn’t “catch on” gets drained away polluting the environment.


So what you are going to do?


Every single time that you have to sort out your laundry, you commit significant amount of your time to it. Let’s say, optimistically, you need only ten minutes per washing to separate white from colored clothes. And that is if you are lucky to wash your laundry just twice a week. (If you have a large family you are probably doing it more often.)

This means that every month you lose at least 80 minutes on some meaningless chore. Time you could use to sleep or do something nice for yourself. And still your clothes will release harmful color molecules.


Color catchers to the rescue


There is no longer any reason to waste time sorting laundry. Color catchers are designed to capture dye molecules that leak from clothes, and thus neutralize possibility of your white clothes catching any other dye.


But what about dangerous dye molecules?

This is a problem that Dr. Knight color catchertackles head on. Not only do you no longer need to sort your laundry, but your environmental health will also be preserved. Dr. Knight traps the dye molecules, keeps them inside, and prevents them from polluting the environment. Plus, Dr. Knight is reusable – up to 3 times on a singe charge.


That way we all have clean laundry and clean environment.