Clothing factories have alarming impact on environment

Clothing factories have alarming impact on environment

An alarming 20% of industrial water pollution in China comes from dyeing or colouring textiles. For example, city of Xintang aka “World city of Jeans”, one of 133 cities exclusively dedicated to manufacturing and selling textiles in this country, suffers a heavy negative impact on its environment.

Consequence of discharging wastewater from clothing factories in Dong River made this river a place of ecological catastrophe. Dong River is undrinkable, one can’t swim in it or use it even for washing clothes. Even worse the river often overflows poisoning crops and land.

In fact, according to the World Trade Bank, up to 20% of industrial water pollution in China comes from dyeing of textiles. Research show that there is about 72 toxic chemicals in water. These dangerous substances include metals such as tributyltin, phthalates, perfluoro octane sulfonate… and many others that can cause cancer. What is even more worrying is the fact that 30 of them can’t even be removed from the water.

Additional problem is the fact that neutralization of wastewaters from clothing factories is very expensive. Therefore, in some countries without strict regulation companies simply neglect it.

Many of these dangerous substances come from dyes used for colouring of garment. During washing these dyes bleed out, dissolve in water, and pollute our environment.


One step forward toward solution


When it comes to preventing dye pollution, there is an innovative solution called Dr. Knight.

Dr. Knight team crated colour catcher dispenser with hydrogel balls made from renewable resources and waste from the seafood industry.

What makes this product stand out in the market is its ability to absorb the all dye that the wardrobe emits while washing and thus prevent it from reaching and polluting rivers and soil.

Moreover, Dr. Knight is an affordable colour catcher product which is intended for both industrial and household use and it simply works in all washing temperatures.

This product is a big step forward in our fight for clean and healthy Earth.