Challenges of washing colored clothing and a new efficient way to overcome them

Challenges of washing colored clothing and a new efficient way to overcome them

We all love colored clothing. It helps us show our style, make a statement and it bring more joy in our everyday lives. But sadly, every coin has two sides. Washing colored clothing in a washing machine means you have to take special care of it in order to preserve it. And you do want your clothes to be pristine, don’t you?

Luckily, there is an easy solution. Plus, it saves environment.

How we usually wash colored clothing

Well, first thing is to check labels to determine whether or not a specific piece of clothing can be machine washed because, of course, you don’t want to ruin that hot blouse, skirt or pair of pants you searched for so long.

Step two is to sort your laundry by color to prevent damage in case it bleeds. For that reason, you turn them inside out and usually wash only identical colored pieces.

After that, it’s time to choose temperature settings. If you want thorough cleaning you will choose a warm temperature, never hot since it will cause heavy fading. But this is not energy efficient and it will cost you more money.

Finally, you need to use some fabric protection against fading and fuzz and, after washing machine is done, colored clothes needs to be removed immediately to prevent leeching colors.

All of this is time-consuming and demands your attention. Besides, if you make one oversight and wash mixed color clothes – everything can be ruined.

So how can we make this easier?

Everything can be done if there is a will and you put your mind to it. Inspired by ideas of ecology, innovation, and efficiency we created Dr. Knight – laundry color catcher and your new assistant that guards your clothes and saves your time and money.

Never again will you need to sort your clothes by color, wonder what temperature settings to select, use long washing machine programs (Dr. Knight work his magic in only 20 minutes), or worry about what conventional products you need.

Just put your laundry in the machine, slip in your Dr. Knight helmet and set washing machine to any settings you need and go have some fun. Dr. Knight will take care of the rest.

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