5 ways to prevent water pollution with microfibers

5 ways to prevent water pollution with microfibers

Think globally, act locally – this is something we can all do to save our environment and health of our planet. Here are 5 suggestions for you to go green and to prevent water pollution during laundry washing.


Purchase less garment and when you do, purchase natural one


Do you truly require one or two new pieces of clothes or is your closet already filed up? If your answer is yes, whenever the situation allows, consider buying a garment made of natural materials such as cotton.


Use front-loading washing machine


Did you know that front stacking washing machines shed 7 times – yes you red well 7 times – less microfibers than top-loading ones? So, when choosing your next washer be cool and pick front-loading one.


Do your laundry in cold water


Washing your clothes in cool water won’t make a big difference in how clean it will be after washing but it will make remarkable difference in how much less shedding it will cause compared to washing in hot water.

This additional shedding is caused by hot water because it is breaking up the fibers more aggressively that cold water, thus creating more pollution.

Big help here is Dr. Knight green technology colour catcher that works like magic in cold water and reduce water pollution.


Wash your clothes in lower rotation speed


More speed equals more friction that cause fibres falling out more intensively. So, try to keep the machine dial on low.


Choose program for short washing


The more time your garment spend in washing machine more microfibers will escape and pollute the water. It’s simple as that. So, next time you turn it on set it to work for shorter amount of time and environment will be grateful.