5 ways to go green in your laundry room

5 ways to go green in your laundry room

When one says eco-friendly behavior in everyday life most of us will think of using paper bags instead of plastic ones, recycling or electric cars. But, there’s one place right there in your house where you can do so much for the planet, but maybe never thought about it.

Here are 5 ways to go green in your laundry room.


Get green washing machines


If you don’t already have one, your next laundry machine should be high efficiency one. Sure, this is not a solution for all eco difficulties, but it is a step in the right direction. Don’t forget that small things do add up.

High-efficiency machines use up to 66% less water and up to 50% less of energy for the same results as traditional machines. And that is not an insignificant factor when fighting for pollution free environment.

These machines have special sensors, and are able to adapt to specific washing scenarios in order to maximize their efficiency. This is why it is of great importance to use them in alliance with high efficiency detergents, preventing excessive use of water and electricity.


Be cool in the laundry room


You probably already know that using colder water for showers is better for environment. Same thing applies for your laundry room.

Washing clothes at 30 degrees Celsius will not only cut your bills, but also put less stress on your clothes and give them longer lifespan, again saving you your hard earned cash.


Stop microplastic particles


Microplastics, or tiny particles of plastic smaller than 5mm in length, are a serious problem for all sea life.

The International Institute of Sustainable Development claims that a god portion of the microplastic concentration in our oceans comes directly from the laundry wastewater. It is presumed that these particles come from synthetic fabrics such as fleece.

To prevent this from happening you can check what types of fabrics contain this harmful particle and, at least, avoid buying them.


Use innovative products


You can do a lot for the environment just by choosing products for your laundry wisely. There are plant-based detergents and eco-friendly fabric conditioners that can improve your clothes life span.

Also, you can use Dr. Knight color catcher innovative and biodegradable product made from renewable resources. It prevents all colorants from polluting the water and works in all temperatures and washing programs.


Wash with full drum


Washing laundry only when you have an adequately sized load will save water. It also requires using less power. In the end, all of this results in cleaner environment.

If you need to wash your clothes, but there isn’t enough laundry to fill the drum, use half load setting of your machine, provided that you have this option.

And be careful. Overloading your washing machine is never a good option either. You will end up with dirty laundry since detergent won’t be able to dissolve, and you risk damaging your machine on a long run.

Remember cumulative effect is what counts when saving the Earth. If we all do one small thing every day, in the end it will make a big impact.