5 things you didn’t know you can clean in washing machine

5 things you didn’t know you can clean in washing machine

Washing machine is actually much more powerful tool then you might know. Yes it can wash your clothes, towels, socks and underwear but, with a right settings – correct water temperature and gentle cycle, there is a number of things that your washer can make squeaky clean.

And here are just a few things you didn’t know you can clean in washing machine.


Mats for yoga


Just unroll your yoga mat and put it inside the washing machine as evenly as possible. You can use a couple of dirty towels, rags or T-shirts to fill and balance machine drum and thus prevent machine rocking. Use warm or cold water and set the machine to gentle cycle and that is it.

After washing don’t dry yoga mat in drying machine nor on the direct sunlight to avoid destroying it.


Grocery bags


If ecology is important to you grocery bags made from natural fibers are item you always carry with you when you go to market. And as you know, those bags can get dirty and should be washed regularly in order to remove any potential bacteria contamination. Luckily, you can wash them in washing machine.

Keep in mind that you need to wash them in hot water in order to neutralize all bacteria.




Stuffed and plastic toys can get quite dirty. Plus, if someone in your household has been ill disinfecting them can be a smart move to prevent health of other residents.

Plastic toys can be washed in warm water and air dried, while stuffed one should be cleaned in cool or warm water with gentle cycle used.




Tennis shoes can also be washed in machine but removing laces is a must. Sneaker should be washed in warm water and if you have problem with odor, just add a cup of baking soda to the water.




Backpacks made of vinyl or fabric can be washed in machine. Even together with laundry. Bag should be turned inside out and all pockets empty.

If backpack is used for gym use disinfectant to get rid of bacteria and fungus.


Wash and be eco-friendly


Washing clothes and all things above can release dye that pollutes water and thus our environment. But there is a simple, affordable and efficient product that makes washing safe and easier.


There is one product that enables you to do both things efficiently and at affordable price. It’s called

Dr. Knight is new, innovative colour catcher that can combine functions and benefits of colour catcher and laundry aids – all in one reusable and eco-friendly product.

With Dr. Knight there is no need for sorting the laundry and it works on all temperatures up to 3 times on single charge.

Best of all Dr. Knight is eco-friendly product made from renewable resources and waste from seafood industry.