Powerful Laundry Tools

Laundry color catcher that outperforms your expectations


State of the art, green technology developed by experts in the field.


up to 3 times on a single charge, and without any significant loses of efficiency

All at once

Dr. Knight works its magic without any need to sort the laundry.

dr knight sklop


Fast removal of dyes or colorants – it needs just 20 minutes to defeat color monster.


works in all washing temperatures and programs.


Combines the functions and benefits of color catcher and laundry aids thus replacing conventional products

Dr. Knight Overview

A knight that saves your day

While creating Dr. Knight laundry machine color catcher our team was operating under one credo – Make it clean while being green! And with the respect of the code of honor amazing midnight blue hydrogel balls were created together with new reinvented “Knight helmet” laundry ball.

This color catcher dispenser was carefully crafted in order to provide perfect water flow inside of it so that Dr. Knight hydrogel can achieve maximum efficiency in color catching. And best of all, Dr. Knight is created from renewable resources and waste from seafood industry, so we all have cleaner and waste free environment.

Amazing  Benefits

Dr. Knight  – the ally of your household dreams


Green, biodegradable product created from renewable resources.

Innovative design

Perfect water flow for achieving maximum efficiency.

Competitive price

Affordable for every household all over the world.

Easy to use

Doesn’t require any special care or maintenance.

Our Team

Joined forces of experts who stand behind Dr. Knight

Nedeljko Milosavljević, Ph.D.
Melina Kalagasidis Krušić, Ph.D.
Tamara Čolić Milosavljević, MSc.
Marija Lučić Škorić, Ph.D.
Research Associate

What Others Say About Dr. Knight

Color catcher made with love to nature

How Dr. Knight is used?

Dr. Knights is to serve and protect you, and he does it with minimum effort from users side.

All you need to do is fill the “helmet” laundry ball with his weapon – blue hydrogel balls, and just toss it inside laundry machine drum.

That’s it, you are all set to go.

Dr. Knight will start his color catching crusade and battle against colored effluent.